Pre-Conference Program on December 11, 2018

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Toyota Gateway Plant is one part of Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. and located in Gateway City Industrial Estate, Chachoengsao Province. The plant is a large assembly automotive manufacturing of sedan types. Executive management has conducted an ergonomics program to the assembly line over 10 years ago. The ergonomics program in Toyota Gateway Plant is gradually implemented via an integrated system of safety, engineering and all operations. They share more ergonomics innovations via Thailand Ergonomics Best Practice Awards continuously and will be receiving "10-year ergonomics sustainable awards from Ergonomics Society of Thailand" at SEANES 2018.

Ergonomics risk assessment together with engineering design criterions based on human abilities and limitations are used to drive a lot of innovations into the manufacturing process. Toyota Gateway Plant continuously applies their engineering skills, especially "the concept of KARAKURI" to reduce a lot of workloads that not only decrease operators' fatigue but also increase overall system performance of the plant. We expect you will learn many things from the plant visit at this time, both ergonomics management strategies and several successful projects of KARAKURI design in the real situation at the plant visit.

The visiting schedule on December 11, 2018.
07:00 Depart the Windsor Suites Hotel Sukhumvit 20
09:00 Arrive Toyota Gateway Plant, Chachoengsao Province
09:00-10.30 "How Ergonomics Implemented Successfully Over 10 Years at Toyota Gateway Plant" by Executive Management
10.30-11.30 Walkthrough inside the plant and learn examples of Ergonomics Best Practice Innovations.
11.30 - 12.00 Sharing experiences.
12.00-14.00 Visit Nakorn Neung Kher Ancient Market
16:00 Arrive the Windsor Suites Hotel Sukhumvit 20


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