“Achieving Organization Goals with Ergonomics:
From Theories to Applications & From Researchers to Practitioners”


About SEAES 2008

Since its inception several decades ago, ergonomics has grown and expanded to become a human-centered multidisciplinary field in which researchers and practitioners from various backgrounds, namely, basic science, health science, social science, and engineering, work together and share their knowledge and experience in both theories and applications to achieve better quality of life in both the workplace and living environment. Ergonomics in the Southeast Asia, however, is still not popular and its applications are far from being fully accepted by management in both industrial and service sectors.

The 9th Southeast Asian Ergonomics Society Conference (SEAES 2008) is intended to be a forum for researchers and practitioners from countries around the globe to meet and exchange ideas, experiences, research results, and problems related to ergonomics both theories and applications. With its theme “Achieving Organization Goals with Ergonomics: From Theories to Applications & From Researchers to Practitioners,” this conference hopes to find solutions on how to bridge the gaps between theories and applications and those between researchers and practitioners, which are essential for making ergonomics implementation and application successful. As such, ergonomics researchers and practitioners are invited to attend the SEAES 2008 which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand during October 22-24, 2008 and to exchange their experiences with their international colleagues who share similar interests.

SEAES 2008 will be organized by Thammasat University (Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Public Health, and Faculty of Allied Health Sciences) and Ergonomics Society of Thailand (EST).

Any inquiries about the SEAES 2008 can be sent to the Conference Secretariat at “Copyright © 2008 SEAES”